Roman numerals for Preface, Numeric for Main?

Windows 10
Papyrus Author Free version 10.06a Win64 dated 2020-9-15

Hi. So I want to use Roman numeral page numbers starting at the preface, through the table of contents, and the introduction, and then switch to numeric units.

I set up a Master Page and assigned a page range for where I want the Roman numerals.

Then I go to “Running Page Numbers” and it says that it is associated with the Preface Master Page. But then when I go into “Page Numbering” to change to Roman numerals, the entire document switches from numerical to Roman numerals. I apologize for my density here. I am sure I’ll figure it out. But any feedback would be helpful.

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Papyrus Author doesn’t currently support different numbering systems within one document - that is why when you change to Roman numerals it switches for the whole document. It is something we are looking to introduce in the future.

In the meantime, you could use the Master pages to create the Preface pages without page numbers. Then place a text box with the relevant Roman numeral on each page.

We’ll keep you updated of any changes to the numbering functionality here in the Community :+1:

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That’s not quite right, but as far as I understand a different numbering system can only be used from the beginning of the document up to the table of contents – but not beyond.

For illustration, open the example document at Papyrus Author/Example Documents/Tarzan/Tarzan of the Apes.pap. It doesn’t have any page numbers and uses only the “Standard” master page.

Open the Page Layout dialog (Document > Page Layout) and change the header area to 0.5 inches to make space for page numbers.

Double click in the header area of the document and insert a placeholder for a page number (Insert > Dates, Page numbers …) and then go back to the main text.

Open the Page Layout dialog again and go to Page Numbering and change the settings as follows:

Page Numbers

And voilá! Pages 1 through 5 will be numbered with roman lowercase numerals, and the main text will have arabic numbers starting at 1.


Thank you for the feedback, @Eva and @glucose.
What I ended up doing was making a separate Master Page for each of the Preface, ToC and Introduction pages, and manually inserting roman numerals in the footers. Since it only amounts to about fifteen or so pages, it wasn’t a terrible ordeal, but it would be cool to see this functionality expanded in the future.

Thanks again. My brain sweats a bit now and then learning Papyrus Author, but it’s better than pulling my hair out with MS Word.