Safari research extension?

Note PA offers browser plugins only for Chrome or Firefox. Wondering if there’s a Safari extension in the works. As someone who only uses Safari, those two aren’t an option (unless I want to add either as an exclusive PA research browser). There are reasons I don’t use Chrome or Firefox, and not likely to change. The eco system within Macs just works so much better sticking to Safari.

Safari is very good with bringing info over with drag-and-drop to Papyrus Author, and the plugins were actually developed partly because Chrome and Firefox were struggling with this. :grin:

We’ve not touched the Research plugins in a while, and at the moment we don’t have adding a Safari Extension in our roadmap.

Hope drag-and-drop works for you, but if you ever choose to get Chrome or Firefox for research purposes, this is worth mentioning as you mentioned earlier you’re on macOS:

:information_source: If the plugin doesn’t work, it’s probably because the plugin uses port 7000 for bringing up the research info, and macOS keeps that port busy with AirPlay.

The solution is to turn off AirPlay Receiver from your System Preferences, and re-start Papyrus Author - that way the port is open for the research info.

I get this, and it’s tough to switch out. I’m a Chrome user, and feel a bit lost every time I have to use any other browser. :grimacing:

Safari is the toughest browser to code to. I know from years of association with coders. Eventually, the coders catch up and it works fine, but then Apple releases a (frequent) update and breaks things. And that loop just continues on.

I’ve had this issue with Ghost, which is the CMS I use for my writing site. Initially, lots of issues w/Safari, so had to download Firefox and set it up for just Ghost use. Ghost is now working happily with Safari, but expect it to break at some point, so won’t uninstall my Firefox Ghost setup! Ha!

I know drag/drop works fine for research gathering, but the Chrome/Firefox plugins give the automatic link-back to the source. Important when gathering research. I know I can (and will have to) copy the URL as an extra step when dragging anything from a site via Safari. For now, unless that gets unruly to do, will stick with Safari for more efficient browser support across programs on Macs.

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