Saving my project to a new folder

Operating System
Windows 10

Papyrus Author Version
I did something to my folders in Dropbox - not sure what - but now whenever I try to save my project it says it can’t find the folder. I have tried ‘Save As’, fixing the backup folders in the project preferences - (that works until I connect my characters file to the project and then - bam! everything reverts to the old folder which ‘can’t be found’. Now it will only let me save to the cloud folder which - you guessed it! can’t be found. Help!

Sounds like the document’s connection to the Character Database, or Backups is incorrect or untethered.

If you check out the Path to My Characters in your document, does it point to the correct destination?

You can find the “Path to My Characters” option by navigating ‘Author’ → ‘My Project…’ → ‘Path to My Characters’.

If the Character Database looks fine, check out the Backups-path as well.

You can find it by navigating ‘Document’ → ‘Document Properties’, and you can change the defauld Backup path by navigating ‘Author’ → ‘Preferences’, and selecting the ‘Backups’ tab from the menu.

Let me know how it goes!