Spell checking and auto correction

Mac OS Catalina - 10.15.3 (19D76)

Papyrus Author Version: Papyrus Author Free version 10.01b Mac dated 2020-2-24

Dear Papyrus Authors users and designers,

Thanks for developing this tool. I am pretty sure that this will be a success for many years to come.

Anyway, I downloaded the free version and played a bit around with spell checker and autocorrection. I guess that these are basic and most important functions. Maybe I am using these functions incorrectly (although I did everything that is mentioned in the description), I believe that spell checking is not working efficiently.

  1. Autocorrection doesn’t work even for the simplest errors (e.g., THe → The).

  2. Spell checking identifies wrongly written words but mostly identifies these errors very late. Sometimes at the end of a sentence.

  3. When correcting these errors, the red line often is still there and disappears more or less unpredictable. Sometimes when I am continuing writing sometimes in other circumstances.

These are some first impressions I had. By the way, these errors seemed to be present both for US and UK English, however, it seemed to me that UK English works a bit better.

Anyway, maybe I operated the fine graded adjustments for spell checking incorrectly. However, I carefully followed the suggestions, which I found here:

All the best and thanks in advance


Hi Lutz, and welcome to the Community!

Thanks for reporting this. We’ve identified this issue, and we’re looking into fixing it!

This is a feature of how Papyrus Author works. Because the Spellcheck analyses grammar in addition to the spelling mistakes and takes into consideration the full context of the sentence, some of the errors will only be highlighted once you’ve finished the sentence.

How are you correcting these errors? Do you manually re-type the highlighted word, or are you using the context menu (right-clicking the highlighted part) to replace the error or the ‘Check Spelling/Grammar’ feature from the Document menu?

Can you give some examples where the UK English dictionary is performing better? It’d be really interesting to check out.

Dear Sam,

Thanks for the very quick response.

Now I understand the late response and it makes sense to me.

I also rechecked the error correction and realized that the red line disappears lately. For example, when I wrote a word wrongly, the error is indicated when I finished the sentence. When correcting this word using the suggestion given by Papyrus the red line remains until I continue to write the next sentence. However, the red line still remains under the corrected (!) word when I included a carriage return (next paragraph).

This is how it looks test-lj.pap (2.3 KB)

When I start to write a third line after the CR then the red line in the first line disappears.

Thus, in the end, everything is fine although this sequence is a bit odd.

Thanks for taking time


We found similar issues when testing the Spellcheck and we’ll improve this behavior. Thanks for bringing this issue up!

Meanwhile, if at any point you have the feeling that Papyrus Author is not refreshing the page correctly (for example, the corrected word is still highlighted as misspelled), you can hit CMD + F12 to redraw the window. This will refresh the page and get rid of unnecessary highlights.

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Dear Sam,

Thanks for taking care of these issues. Maybe you might have a look at Grammarly and how they solve spellchecking and grammar control.



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I also am giving the free version a try and have found the grammar check does some weird things. It often highlights the last word on a page and says it needs a period to end the paragraph but the sentence continues on the next page!

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Welcome to the Community :smiley:

Can you give some more examples of this so we can investigate what is happening. Please provide full sentences as the grammar check is context specific :+1:

Can you confirm when you are seeing this occur. Is it when running the Check Spelling/Grammar routine (under the Document menu) or when you are just viewing the document with the dictionary enabled?

I found this happening to me, too. It’s when I’m running the “Check Spelling” under the document menu. It’s happened twice so far today. Same situation, telling me it needs punctuation at a page break.

The highlighted section:

The check spelling box:

Thanks for the screenshot and confirming it is happening when running the spelling and grammar check. I have now been able to reproduce this here and we are continuing to investigate :+1:

Meanwhile, If you click in the text before this word and press Ctrl+F12 this will refresh the page and the false error will be removed. You can then press “Continue” in the spelling and grammar check.