"Status" Icons Don't Show Up in Outliner

Operating System

Windows 10

Papyrus Author Version


How do I get the status icons from the navigator to show up in the organizer?


The “Status” appears as a separate column in the Organizer.

If it isn’t appearing in the Organizer for you, right-click in the header and select “Status” from the context menu (it will then appear with a tick beside it):


By default the “Status” column appears to the right of the “Chapter/Scene/Event” column, and after the “Abstract” and “Thread” columns.

You can move a column by drag and drop with the mouse. Please note, though, that the first column (“Chapter/Scene/Event”) is fixed - i.e. you cannot move another column (e.g. “Status”) to the left of it. “Chapter/Scene/Event” will always be the first column in the Organizer.


Ah! Thank you very much. I had it turned off somehow.