Style analysis disabled, yet still flagging a few things

Is this normal?

Loving the style analysis, but initially don’t want it to flag anything until I turn it on.

The two examples attached do go away if I turn off spellcheck. The first does mention a punctuation possible error, but the second is not spelling related. But I don’t have the “correct commas and punctuation…” spell check option enabled.


Thank you for taking screenshots! They’re always appreciated, and super helpful!

That’s awesome to hear! :star_struck:

Yep, having the Style Analysis on during writing can interrupt the flow, so it’s best to check after having written a good chunk before going through the suggestions.

:bulb: The suggestions are based on context of whole sentences, so they pop up only after an end mark (!, ? and .).

The Spellcheck feature is for both spelling and grammar, so it suggests in matters of both.

You can right-click on a flagged word, and select “Ignore here”. That way the Spellcheck won’t flag it in the future. :slight_smile:

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