Suggestion: Read Aloud feature

I love the new layout; it feels more personal.

A feature I’d love to see added is a Read Aloud feature. I find that when I listen to my words read back to me, I find small words like “a, an, the” that are missing. When I read it, my brain fills in the blanks.



I second this idea, but I’m not even sure it is necessary to invent or change something in the software for it. Isn’t it something that at least Windows can do out of the box now anyway?

We’re looking into how we can conveniently put this into Papyrus Author.

Read Aloud has really come a long way recently and I’d love to listen to a few of my own texts, too :grin:


Yep, that’s right. That’s what I do now. I copy the text, put it in Word, and then move it back. But what I want is not to leave the Papyrus Author environment. I always worry about something going wrong when I move between programs.

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