Suggestions and thoughts about 2022 status bar

Operating System WIndows

Papyrus Author Version 11.05a

I’ve been using 2022 for a day now and I miss a few things that seem to have disappeared since v10.

  • I liked the ability to see how many words I had in the current session inside the status bar progress bar. I liked seeing the +/- number in the status bar. I can hover over the progress var and see how many words I’ve written, but I liked seeing that I still have 500 words to go or had surpassed my target by 1200 already today.
  • The same for the +/- for the document target. I liked seeing that I had 37000 words to go, not just that I have 67000 done. And I’d like to see it on the status bar
  • There is a lot of room on the status bar for extra elements. I’d prefer that the total and session progress bars were unstacked and larger. And had +/- text in them.
  • It would be nice if we could choose multiple things to be shown on the status bar. Total word count AND total characters.
  • It’s difficult to find where to set session targets/goals. It’s convenient enough to hover over the progress bars and then click on the expand arrow, but maybe there needs to be a menu item or a button on the first hover display that says “Target” or “Goals” instead of the hidden expansion.

I love the program. But I miss these elements of the status bar.

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