Suggestions for a Series

I’ve been through most of the videos on the Papyrus YouTube page, and I’m really seeing how this could speed up my writing. Papyrus could eliminate Scrivener, Aeon Timeline, Scrapple, and Pro Writer Aid for me. It could also speed up things on the back end for editing because I can do some editing as I go, in real time.

I notice the tool seems set up for just one book/project at a time. Is there a way to create a project for a series of, say, 6 or 8 books. Having all your books in one place comes in handy because you can quickly reference things globally, with research pertaining to all the books.


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Hi and welcome to the Papyrus Author Community!

Multi-book projects are an interesting challenge to solve and we will do more for those in the future. You can easily share the same “My Characters” and “My Research” databases among multiple books. Just set any new projects to use the files from the previous book here:


Note that this means all books will share the Characters and Research on the newest state, so take care to note if you have any development that doesn’t apply to all books in the series.

I recommend keeping a backup copy of both Characters and Research before adding a new project that will change those, so I have a “frozen in time”-state of how they looked then.

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate the feedback. That does help a lot, as sharing the research in the newest state is what I’m looking for… as things grow and evolve. Hmmm… that could solve my problem with regards to research. I will probably give this a try.

Yes, please continue working on the “series” type layout. I work in post-apocalyptic fiction, and it is very heavily reliant on being able to compile several books into an omnibus.

I think I can still do this now in Papyrus by importing the text from several projects into a new Omnibus Project. It might take some work, but probably can be done.

Thanks for your quick response.

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Same, I hope this happens soon as all my books are series books. I will also give this a try.