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Okay I tried to figure out for 48 hours straight how to create a TOC with headers of my choice. I’ve read all the topics pertaining to TOC in the community. Read the manual.
Followed every step. Here is what I get:

Table of Contents
Part I 35
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 36

Would someone please, please do a YouTube on how to create a TOC with Headers of your choice in Papyrus Author using a MacBook Air.

Or describe in detail how this can be done.

Thank you,

In your current document, only the sections named “Part I” and “Chapter I” are formatted with styles that will be included in the table of contents. If you expect more sections to appear there you need to make sure that they are formatted using the same styles as “Part I” or “Chapter I”.

If the other sections already have their own style (but different from Part or Chapter), you can include it in the TOC by clicking in one of these sections, then open Paragraph > Styles > Enumeration/Table of Contents and check the “Title (for table of contents / Navigator)” checkbox. Apply and close the Style window.

After that, you should see your sections in the Navigator. If you do, go back to the TOC, right click there and select “Update Table of Contents”.


Thank you for your help. I sure appreciate it.