Tagging edition # missing

I need to track my edition# when working through a book. The only thing I see coming close (and not that useful) is the status feature, but then only a colored geometric shape attached to a chapter (or whatever).

What’s need, IMHO, is a status option for edition # that’s attachable. Not sure what would work, but a white square with a # (1 to 10, e.g.) comes to mind.

Yes, I realize some may have edited versions beyond 10, but have to start somewhere.

Searched but did not see anyone mentioning this and I’m in the process of loading an existing Scrivener novel into PA (not an easy task; PA much better to start from scratch in!) but kludging my way through and I’ll only have to do this once since this is the only book in progress at the moment.


Thanks for the feedback!

I’m not a 100% sure how you’d like to use the edition numbers, but maybe Title Comments could be used for this!

If I got it right, you want pretty much a note on edition of each chapter to be visible in the Navigator, and on the chapters’ beginning?

If you right-click a chapter in the Navigator, and select “Create Comment”, you’ll get a comment that’s visible in the Navigator, and next to the page.

Here’s a quick video on how it would look:


Let me know what you think! :wrench:

This should work well. Thanks! But please note relative to my previous email on Nav colors re: the scenes must be manually colored. Also, as you can see, the Thread/thread change to a specific color did not activate for Chapter 3.


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