Text Color changes when editing

Operating System
Windows 10

Papyrus Author Version
Papyrus Author Free Version 10.06a Win64 dated 2020-9-15


I just started using Papyrus Author recently and I have three books that have been working on for a while so I moved the first one to Papyrus Author and I am editing it but all the new text is in green. I cannot figure out if I did something to cause it or if it is how it is supposed to work. But I would like any text that I add to be black like the original. Is there a way to do that?
Also every time I remove text I have verify that I want to remove it by clicking a thumbs up sign on the right. Is there a way to not have to do that? I really love the software and I want to transfer all of my work to this format because I hope to go to pro version if I ever start making money but right not I cannot afford it. However, if I have to do my editing in word then transfer it back to Papyrus Author that seems like double the work.

Thank you again for your time.

This sounds like you have the Papyrus Author Track Changes feature enabled. The toolbar icon looks like this:


With Track Changes enabled, when new text is added to your document, it will be highlighted as a change by appearing in green, like this:

You can accept the change by right clicking with the mouse and selecting “Accept Insertion”. This will change the text back to black. If this has happened in several places in your document and you definitely don’t want to see any of the changes made (including deletions and other changes), you can “Accept All Changes” from the option under the Document menu.


If you don’t want to track these changes (this feature is usually used at the editing/proof-reading stage), you can turn off the functionality by either clicking on the icon in the toolbar or by navigating ‘Document’ → ‘Track Changes’

You can read more about this functionality in our Wiki here.

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