The New Papyrus Author Community is Here!

We are thrilled to open the next chapter of your Papyrus Author Community! :partying_face:

The new forum experience is all about writing better, together. There’s a plethora of new and exciting categories to explore!

Our new Community structure is split into four categories:

:red_square: Papyrus Author - Everything about your favorite writing suite for books. Check news from the Papyrus Author world. Got a technical question? Here, we will answer any feature or use case question. Please drop suggestions and feedback.

:green_square: Your Writing Circle - Join in! Here, we write together. Exercises, inspirations, reviews, book showcases… when a little break from your project sounds just right, this is your place.

:blue_square: All About Writing - Discuss our passion. This is where you share topics and tips about the writing process. Maybe you’ll even find a treasure for your book in here?

:orange_square: The Author’s Life - Enter here to find peers and co-creatives in your fight against the empty page. Beginner or published author, this is your place to share the writer’s life.

Give back, too! Everyone’s looking forward to your feedback.

Our Community can stand for so much more than discussions about Papyrus Author. We are writers! Let’s indulge in all the topics that drive our passion, and find like-minded creators to support each other in our journey. We’ve been sharing like this in our German forums successfully for years, and have built a tight-knit community of friends.

Let’s shape this Community toward creative collaboration. We will launch a first initiative with this in mind in the very near-future, so stay tuned!


We would love to hear your thoughts on the Community, and its update. Is there something missing? Is our cartoon owl too cute? Let us know!