Then, than and them

I’ve noticed while typing my work that before I’ve even finished a sentence the words “than” and “them” will always underline red as if spelt wrong. When I hover my cursor over them the autocorrect says its because the words should be “then”. It stops underlining them when I get to the end of the sentence as, presumably, it has recognised the grammatical structure. But why is it underlining “than” and “them” before the sentence is finished?! It’s a little off-putting and distracting. I don’t mind them underlining once the sentence is done if I have used one incorrectly but while I’m still in the process of typing a sentence that even before it is finished would not make sense with “then”… any way this can be remedied?
(I hope that made sense!)

Hi Jemma,

This is coming from the grammar check. Yes, Papyrus Author will analyse sentence structure to determine some errors. It is unusual to highlight a grammar error before the end of the sentence so we will look in to this.

Is it every time you type these words? If not, can you please provide some example sentences where this happens.

Hi Eva

Thanks for the reply. It’s every time I write than or them before I put a full stop.