Timeline format

Hey there,
Hate to sound negative (See what I did there?) but I’m looking for a way to force the timeline section to change to either YYYY-MMM-DD or DD-MMM-YYYY format. I find a complete and utterly frustrating lack of logic in organizing things by // and do my best to make it GO AWAY in every program I use.
Is there a way to change this?
Oh, and another question on the same vein, is there a way to create a custom, in-project calendar so I’m not using Earth dates at all in my novels which typically don’t even involve Earth? Something the Timeline would recognize.

Am I getting this right, you want to lose the ‘/’ in dates?
There is an easy way:

  • Go to the timelines page, click on the button ‘Timeline Dates’ in the upper right.

  • Look for ‘Separator,’ and choose whichever symbol you like. Voilà :slight_smile:

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Yup. Easy to do, and the options let you have all kinds of date display.