Timeline to Day Calendar

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Windows 11 Home

Papyrus Author Version

Papyrus Author+ version 11.05a Win64 dated 2022-4-19

Hi, I would LOVE IT if there were a day calendar view of the time line, such as when you pull up the calendar in Windows that shows the whole month that you can then go into each day and add events. Is it possible to view the timeline like this - zoomed out maybe? If its not already possible, would love to see this function in a future update because the current timeline seems so wide for me, its hard to use. Thanks so much!

Thank you for the feedback!

At the moment, the Timeline can be viewed in the sequence view, and a calendar view is not available. It’s a good idea, and I will keep it in mind for future development!

With calendar view of the Timeline, we would have to consider books and stories that use their own calendars, and think of ways to accommodate for custom calendars as well… It’s an interesting thought!

We are aware that the Timeline has a learning curve, and we are looking into improving the feature, and its user interface in the future!

You can zoom in and out of the timeline by holding down CTRL and scrolling with your mouse, or using the magnifying glass icons at the bottom toolbar of the Toolbar. You can also move back and forth in the timeline by using the Overview bar at the bottom of the Timeline view.

Here’s a quick video of moving the Timeline view, hope it’s helpful:


You may also find our two-part tutorial video helpful. You can view it from this playlist: Planning with Papyrus Author