ToC, chapters and subtitles, formatting


Thanks in advance for reading my post. Hopefully someone knows what to do about this.
So, I have my book set up so I can use styles to have prologues, epilogues, and even a style to put a predetermined set of symbols between scenes. I call them scene breaks. Anyway, there’s one formatting issue I can’t seem to figure out.
Oh yeah, I’m using Windows 10.
Anyway, the issue is that when I create a new chapter, the first thing I do is separate the “CHAPTER X” and the title of the chapter with ALT+ENTER so the Chapter title is on the line below “CHAPTER X.” This has created an issue for me because in the ToC, the line break is mirrored there and I don’t want that. Does anyone know how to force the ToC to ignore the line break and put the chapter title after the chapter number?
Do I need to create a separate ‘subtitle’ style?
Thanks in advance!

Hi, welcome to the Community!

That’s awesome! Do the prologue and epilogue look good in your Table of Contents? Here’s a topic on that in case you need a tip on how to make it work:

I don’t think there is a direct way to tell Papyrus Author to omit the line break, unfortunately–this is an interesting challenge, and I’ve not seen it before!

I have an alternative workflow, hope it works for you!

You can disregard the “Chapter X” part of the chapter names in the Table of Contents by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Table of Contents
  2. Right-click on a chapter name, and select “Reference…”
  3. Select the “Results Shows” dropdown menu, and select “Heading Text without Numbering”.

This way the Table of Contents has the chapters’ names visible, but not the “Chapter X” part.

Here’s a quick video on it:


Let me know how it goes!