TOC Whacked Out

My Table of Contents has gone crazy with my newest writing, and I can’t change it. What am I doing wrong? This is the first time this has happened and I have used PA a lot. In the TOC, the chapter numbering is fine until chapter 6 and then it skips to chapter 11! It has also added subchapters from within my document. Frustrating

The TOC always reflects the same chapter numbering from the document. So you probably need go to chapter 11 in the document, double click on “11”, and set the level 1 chapter counter to 7. Then go back to the TOC, right click on it, and select “Update Table of Contents”.

If you have subchapters but you don’t want them to be included in the TOC, click on a subchapter heading, then open the Paragraph > Styles window, click on “Enumeration/Table of Contents”, and uncheck “Title (for Table of Contents / Navigator)”. Apply the changes.