Transfer from Ulysses to Papyrus

I have completed twenty-one chapters of my second novel; it is at 22,000 words. I’d like to use Papyrus Author for its Character capabilities. I transferred one chapter over by exporting it as HTML then copying and pasting it into Papyrus Author. Is that the best way? I can export all chapters at once, but it seems that I would have to go back and find, copy, and paste from that long document into Papyrus. Any experience? Any tips? Don’t do it? Thanks!

Hey, welcome to the Community!

Can you export your project into a Word file? That way you can just import the project to Papyrus Author and start working on it. Here’s a tutorial video on how to do it:

Let me know how it goes!

Thanks, Sam, that was just what I was looking for. I just upgraded to Pro, but I need help: I’m running on my MacBook Air, which is okay, but small. I want to run Papyrus on my iMac Pro, but I’m running Beta 3 of Big Sur on it. I no that you have no obligation to support beta code, but please try to hurry a fix. Papyrus starts but does nothing.

Thanks for your great support!


We’re looking into Big Sur and plan to have a version ready when they go into the release candidate stage. A lot is still subject to change with the current betas. Won’t be too long!

Thank you. I’m open to beta testing. I spent 51 years in IT and I often did beta testing and providing detailed responses, even when I worked at IBM.