Trouble with the layout (chapters vs textbody)

Windows 10
Papyrus Author Pro


I am trying to work on the layout of my manuscript, but I am having some trouble gaining the upper hand here.
Whenever I create a new chapter (chapter numbered) the program continues the whole text in that same style (bold writing etc.). When I try to change the format of the written pages, it also cancels the chapter, leaving me without any heading. So I start over, inserting a numbered chapter, which again affects the whole text.

Has anyone had similar issues?

I have to mention that I started writing my manuscript using the beta version and then switched to pro. The issues I mentioned occur mostly within the chapters that were also written using the beta version.

How can I avoid this issue?
Do I have to create a new document?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Donya,

are you maybe using soft line breaks (Shift+Enter) for new lines? These are designed to keep the current style and count following lines towards the same paragraph. When you change a paragraph style, everything in that paragraph will be affected by design. That’s what paragraph styles are good for :grinning:
Let me show you what I mean:

  1. I start writing my chapter heading

  2. I hit Enter and continue writing. The style changed automatically.

Now when you press Shift+Enter instead, you get a soft return, which keeps the current style until you insert a regular return.

I insterted soft line breaks with Shift+Enter and keep the style for all these lines.

You can see what kind of line breaks you are using when you zoom in a little:

If you don’t see these, make sure you have them enabled in the View Menu.

You can also insert different types of line breaks (like that soft line break) from the Insert Menu.

If that doesn’t help, you can send me your document in a private message and we’ll have a look.

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Thank you so much for answering right away.

I’ll go back and change the breaks. I’m hopeful it’ll help.

Thank you again. You saved my day.