Turning off Auto-Editing

Does anyone know how to turn off the Auto-editing features as you type?

It will be useful in the editing phase, but I find it distracting in trying to write the first draft.

Thank you.

Operating System

Papyrus Author Version

I am new to pro, but I believe you right click the “quill” at the very bottom of the software paclke page, not your body text. If you click "Basic 0, most if not all auto-editing stops. Later you can click on the other levels to aid you in editing.


Yes, you can activate and disable the editing features by clicking the icons on the toolbar on the bottom of Papyrus Author


This is the icon for the Spellcheck. Click on it to turn it off or on.

Style Analysis

This is the icon for Style Analysis. Click on it to turn it off or on.

Readability Analysis

This is the icon for Readability Analysis, available in Papyrus Author Pro. Click on it to turn it off or on.

If the feature you mean is none of these, let us know!

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Terrific, all set - that was helpful.

I’m sure I will find these features useful during the first draft of editing.

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Great!:+1:t2: This will help me get started.