Typewriter mode

I’ve just installed Papyrus author and I wonder what is “Typewiter mode” which is dissabled in the free versoin? I saw it in the comparison table between Free and Pro version.
Also, is there an option to buy it without subscription plans?


Typewriter Mode is a really cool feature for writing lots of text in one go. When you keep writing lines of text, usually you write “downwards” on a page. This means your eyes follow the text cursor both vertically and horizontally.
With Typewriter Mode, the text cursor “sticks” at about two thirds of the page, so your eyes can stay on the same height on the paper. It can really help focus when writing. It also feels like writing on a typewriter with endless paper.

We’ll be uploading more videos next week to our YouTube channel, including Typewriter Mode. Follow us to stay tuned: Papyrus Author YouTube

There’s Free and the Pro subscription, no other variants.

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