Uneven spaces between words

Windows 10 pro

Why do I have uneven spacing between some of my words in my book? I want consisteant spacing between my words.

Can you elaborate on this issue? When does the uneven spacing happen, and how does it look? You can send, for example, a screenshot of your text or attach an example document to your reply by just dragging and dropping a file to the reply field.

Take a look at this chapter. Notice the varying spaces between words.

That is standard justification, like you see in every paperback or e-book. They do it so you don’t have blank spaces at the ends of lines, or too many hyphens.


Oh, I don’t know as I like it. It looks like printing errors, but I guess if everyone is used to it, I might as well go along with the flow.

You could switch to left aligned text which will give you even word spacing but an uneven right margin. I often prefer this to justified text.

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