Update Cycle

Hello! So I’ve been using Papyrus Author for about a week know and so far it’s been perfect. But about an hour ago it came up with the message of ‘Please update Papyrus Author. This version reached the end of its support cycle and expired.’

I’ve installed the latest version, uninstalled previous versions, basically done everything the wiki and this forum has said to do and it’s still not working. Is there anything else I can do?


The same thing is happening to me. The wiki says it happens shortly after the new version is released, but I’ve had the latest version all allong. I’ve reinstalled it, and it’s still giving me the same “please update.”

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Same here. It’s really frustrating - there must be some sort of glitch I guess. I need to get some work done so I hope support is open today.

Same here several reinstalls but no dice.

me toooo its super annoying just cuz ive downloaded and deleted it several times ://

Me too, luckily I checked this before trying to reinstall more than once. Very frustrating.

Same… :frowning: :roll_eyes: :flushed: :weary:

Exactly the same problem. With update Papyrus Author.
Please update Papyrus Author.
This version reached the end of its support cycle and expired.

Tried reinstalls etc, on Windows version.

Same problem. I am using the free version and I was under the impression that the difference to the paid subscription is that it is missiing some features, but is basically available for an unlimited amount of time. And I only installed it recently and just checked and there has been no update, the downloaded version is still exactly the same as the one I had installed (1007b).

I have a German license as well, and only use the English free version to work on my English projects (because German menus etc. put me off when writing in English), so I can thankfully still open my project, but it is still pretty annoying.

This must be the same issue I’m having. Good to know its not just me!

I’m having exactly the same problem.

Same here. Have posted problem on FB, Twitter and sent them an email. No doubt no one in office today! Very annoying as have a deadline to meet.

I cannot even get the free version to work, it just gives me the same message each time.

The same thing happened last year, but there was a one month expiry notice. I think the update came out and all, but not sure how long that took. Yeah, this should probably be something that’s done before it expires.

Glad it isn’t just me having this problem! sigh and here I thought I’d found a programme that didn’t require me to copy everything across to save as a word document.

So do we just have to wait for the actual update to be sent out?

Hi everyone, we are preparing a great update for mid-January and it had the side-effect that 10.07b expired. Sorry for the inconvenience! Please update to version 10.08a that is now available on the website. Thanks and have a wonderful new writing year!


Better late than never I suppose.
Thanks for the response!

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