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Hi, I’m relatively new to using Papyrus Author. I had begun to place an outline, other written material and photos into the ‘Free’ program that I downloaded from the internet site to my MacBook Pro. When I returned to work on the material recently I clicked on the ‘App’ and received the message, ‘Please update Papyrus Author. This version reached the end of its support cycle and expired’.
I’ve downloaded the latest version, however, before ‘replacing’ the old version I wanted to check that all the material that I’ve been working on will be available in the latest version. Could someone please advise me? Thanks. Randall

Hello Randall, welcome to the Community!

This happens when the Papyrus Author installation on your computer expires due to it not being updated. This happens a few months after we release a new version, and Papyrus Author normally tries prompting you to update automatically ahead of expiry.

Here’s a wiki article on this error message: Expired Papyrus Author Version

We’re looking into making this more convenient in the future. :slight_smile:

Your writing projects are separate from the Papyrus Author installation, and reinstalling will not affect your files.

The documents are saved on your computer’s hard drive, and the default saving location is in your user folder. If you’re searching for documents, you can identify Papyrus Author files with their .pap extensions.

Find your documents in Windows 10
Search for files on macOS

We recommend always taking backups of your project, and saving the backups on different drives if possible.

Here’s a tutorial video on Papyrus Author’s backup features:
Backups: Saving with Incremental & Automatic Backups

Let us know if there are any further questions, we are happy to help! :slight_smile:

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