Upgrade from Free to Pro

Operating SystemWin10

Papyrus Author Version

Hi again.

When you upgrade to Pro does it simply unlock the extra features or is a new download required? My main reason for asking is if the changes I have made in the free version - such as adding in a new chapter style - will be retained, or if I have to re-enter them?


It’s done by a new download. There is a way to save all your settings and reload them, but I can’t remember it at the moment, sorry.

I mentioned the problem in a post I made here about what happens when you let the Pro version lapse and one of the support people replied with an example of how to save your settings.

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A new chapter style is saved in the document itself, so this will survive any upgrade or downgrade of the software. Only the program preferences might be affected by this, as they are stored in different files for the free and pro versions.

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Thanks for your help.

Thank you.