Using ProwritingAid with Papyrus

I’m on Windows 10.

I’ve written my book in Papyrus - awesome! I have comments running alongside to help me keep track of things. Usually 3 or 4 per scene.

I use ProwritingAid for editing. Previous to Papyrus, I would copy/paste my chapter from my writing software into PWA, edit, and then copy/paste it back without too many problems.

My question is, how do I keep my comments when I do this? My current workaround is copy/paste from Papyrus into Google Docs which keeps my comments. But when I copy/paste to PWA and then back into Google or Papyrus, my comments are lost.

It’s a huge PITA to redo my comments for my editor. Is there a better way I should be doing this? It’s crunch time so I have to get my editing done in PWA and haven’t had much time to learn all the numerous features on Papyrus. I’ve got all the chapter/scene stuff down, but I just discovered the editing something.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


Hi, I use Grammarly, which is similar to Pro Writing Aid. Here’s what I do, I export to Docx leaving all comments and so on intact. I then split the document into chapters and use the Grammarly Word plugin. Pro Writing Aid has a similar plugin.
Once I’ve edited the document, I import it back to Papyrus with all comments and scene markers intact.

Okay, so how do I import into Papyrus? I’m not seeing an import function. Do you do the whole doc and then just open it in Papyrus?

The other thing is I sent the first half off to the proofreader and I’m working on the second half. I started a second pap file for the second half. Do I need to do this? I don’t want to overwrite any changes the proofreader makes on the first half. I’m just trying to figure this out before the next book!

Thanks so much!

You can import .doc, .docx and .odt files in Papyrus Author by navigating ‘File’ → ‘Open…’ and selecting the file you want to import. Alternatively, you can drag and drop your document into an open Papyrus Author window, which will open it in a new tab.

Here’s a tutorial video on importing documents to Papyrus Author: Importing doc/docx Into Papyrus

You can work with two .pap files, and merge them into one using copy and paste once they’ve both gone through proofreading.

Papyrus Author has a MS Word compatible revision tracking feature designed for co-authoring, editing and proofreading. With ‘Track Changes’ feature enabled, you can see all the changes made to the document by your proofreader, and choose to accept or reject them either one by one or all at once.

You can activate Track Changes by navigating ‘Document’ → ‘Track Changes’.

You can read more on revision tracking here: Revising Your Text (Revision Tracking)

Thank you!!! I haven’t had much time to learn the ins and outs of Papyrus yet. So much going on.

I appreciate the reply.