Operating System Windows 10

Papyrus Author Version Free

On the website it shows a few photos with there being a background image behind the workspace. How do I get that to show up for me?

Hi d.h.marks and welcome to the community. Thanks for your question.

The easiest way to change the wallpaper is to right click with the mouse in the Pinboard area and select “Pinboard Background…”:


This opens the Preferences dialog (which can also be accessed under the “Options” menu).

Here you can select a background of your choice:


You can also customize the background with your own images. Simply click the “Custom Background” button then browse and select the image you wish to see.

There are lots of options for customizing your workspace. You can read about these in our Wiki articles such as:
Configuring Your Workspace
The Papyrus Author Toolbar
The Pinboard, Notes and Text Snippets

I hope this was helpful. :smiley: