What are the differences between the Mac and Windows versions of Papyrus Author?

Mac and Windows.

I initially started with the Windows Pro Version and loved it, although I was still on a learning curve. As I’ve now purchased an iMac I was keen to dive into the Mac version of Papyrus Author, thinking both versions would be very much alike. However, I don’t see an “Options” drop-down menu. Has this been moved to a different location? Also, I’m not able to access the Scenes, Notes and Events menu when I right-click within my document. Likewise, right-clicking in the Timeline does nothing. Are these features missing in the Mac version? If so, will they be included in an update of the software? I realise I can access the Scenes, Notes and Events from the drop-down menu, but right-clicking within the document is so much more convenient. I’m feeling a little disillusioned by the Mac version and wonder what other features in the Windows version have been left out.

You can find ‘Preferences’ menu under the ‘Papyrus Author’ drop-down:

Preferences mac

Keyboard shortcuts and text macros are under the ‘Edit’ menu:

macros and shortcuts on mac

This sounds like you’ve not activated (or mapped to a different function) the secondary click (right click) on your Mac. Here’s a help article from Apple’s website on changing it: Right-click on Mac - Apple Support

Let me know how it goes. :slight_smile:

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OMGosh, Sam, you’ve hit the nail on the head when you suggested the secondary click on my Magic Mouse wasn’t activated, and thanks for the link to fix it… I’ve since activated it and everything is working as it should, so thanks, I’m once again over the moon with Papyrus Author. Thanks also for directing me to the Preference menu - not sure how I missed that one - you’ve been a great help. Much appreciated. :smiley: