Where are toolbar sets stored?

I have a custom dictionary and it shares between two Macs.

I set up a custom toolbar set on my Macbook, but it doesn’t show up on my iMac.

Is there a file I can copy/paste to have the same custom toolbar set on both computers?


These settings are saved in a file named “Papyrus Author Preferences” (and “Papyrus.ini” on Windows).

If you want to copy your settings over, here’s how:

  1. Navigate “File” → “Open Other…” → "Show Folder of Papyrus’ Preferences’.
  2. Copy the file named “Papyrus Author Preferences”, and move it to the other computer’s same location (usually it’s under “Users” → “username” → “Library” → “Preferences”

:bulb: If there’s already a “Papyrus Author Preferences” file, replace it with the new one.

  1. Launch Papyrus Author.