Where do I set up the default formatting for a new file?

Don’t see where to do this. Want to set margins, header info, font sizes/formatting/spacing, etc.

Idea being whenever I open a new text file then paste into it, it always has the settings I use.


Papyrus Author makes a copy of a template text file every time you make a new document. If you go ahead and edit that file, all your future new documents also have those changes.

Here’s how:

  1. Go “File” → “Open Other…”, and select “Edit Template for New Documents”.
    → This opens a new tab named “_new (US).pap” or “_new (A4).pap”.

:bulb: : If you want to change your defailt, you can go “File” → “Start” → “New Text”. Your current default is shown on the bottom-right.


  1. Make changes to this document, and save. Note: Make sure you save the template file in the same place, and with the same file name.
    → Now your new documents have the changes you’ve made.

You can find all the template files inside the Papyrus Author folder “Papyrus Author/Modules/Templates.predefined/”.

Have fun writing! :slight_smile:

Cool. Understand the concept, not yet getting it to work, but quick question:

When I open a new document, it opens the A4 format. In the U.S., so _new(US) is the one I want to use.

If I go to Start in file menu, can change to US letter, but change does not hold on restart. Clicking New Text as in your screenshot always shows A4. How do I change this for any document to always be US letter without having to toggle the choice each time?

Nevermind Sam. For whatever reason, first few times closing/restarting, always came up with A4 set. Now for new document or start, it’s defaulting to letter. So… working!

Much thanks. BTW, signed up yesterday for Author+ (mostly for your amazing style analysis). Didn’t realize I could go on/off Author+ as needed. :sunglasses:

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One little addition: Save another copy of the _new.pap template in your Documents folder. When installing a Papyrus update, it may overwrite all files under “Papyrus Author/Modules/Templates.predefined/” with factory defaults so it’s good to have a backup copy from which you can restore your own template.

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Thanks. Saw I was prompted to save it again, so figured would save it elsewhere too.