Where is the main page where I create a project?

I am downloaded, installed, subscribed to Author (not plus) and can access all sorts of information that makes no sense. I don’t have a toolbar to add icons to. I don’t have any way to find the place where I create a book. I have tried EVERYTHING - can someone please walk me through how to set up from the beginning? And I get repeated ENDLESS repeats requesting me to download. Every page there is another download button! I AM DOWNLOADED BUT NONE OF THE FEATURES OF AUTHOR ARE ACCESSIBLE TO Me. I’m going NUTS.

Absolutely! Are you starting a new book, or do you already have a manuscript you want to continue writing?

Here’s a detailed video on how to get started with Papyrus Author: First Steps: Getting Started With Papyrus Author

It covers creating a new book. If you have an existing book you want to bring into Papyrus Author, here’s a video for that too: Importing to Papyrus Author

When starting Papyrus Author, you should see a screen like this:

:blue_square: The blue “New Text” button opens a selection of page sizes you can choose. You can double-click any of them to start writing.
:green_square: The green “New Project” button let’s you start with a pre-formatted book project. Give the project a name, and click “Create a New Project” to get started.

:bulb: If the view looks different to you, it would be super helpful if you can send me a screenshot of that.

How to take a screenshot

Here is a guide on how to take screenshots on mac: Take a screenshot on your Mac - Apple Support

and on Windows: Use Snipping Tool to capture screenshots

If the Start screen isn’t visible, you can open it through File > Start …

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