Which books inspire your writing?

The world out there is full of breathtaking stories to discover! :books: :books: :books:

Books are food for the authorโ€™s brain. :brain: Fuel for their fire! :wood: :fire: Water for โ€ฆ :potted_plant: you get the idea.

Which books inspire your writing?

Is there perhaps even a book that made you want to create literature in the first place? And what about it excited you? The beautiful language? The characters you identified with? The fascinating world :earth_asia: this book opened up to you?

Reading means learning, and whoโ€™s ever done with that? :nerd_face: Which books would you recommend to your fellow writers? Leave your favorite reads in the comments.

My inspiration for writing came from entering in a local school writing contest when I was in elementary school I was in 3rd or 4th grade and I wrote a poem called Courage and I was competing against all the other students in the district and ended up winning the district and moved on. After that experience and finding something that I was really good at it turned into a passion that has stayed with me ever since.

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