Windows Crash (Blue Screen of Death)

Windows 10
Papyrus Author Pro 10.05 Win64

Good Day!

Since installing Papyrus Author Pro 10.05 on a Windows 10 64-bit platform, I’m experiencing occasional stop errors (Blue Screen Events) while working in the application. Windows reports the stop code as: THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER; the crash report includes no hexadecimal codes.

The stop errors seem to occur when interacting with the timeline, character, and research databases. I searched the PA community blog space regarding this issue with no results. Is this a known error that can be corrected? Thank you for your time.

This type of message seems to point to a driver error, I found a topic on similar-sounding issue being resolved in the Windows Community.

This, of course, depends on the manufacturer of the components, but you can start by visiting the Windows Community and searching for instructions on updating your specific video card drivers.

Good day Sam!

Thank you for the reply. I implemented the applicable recommendations Sumit provided within the Windows Community. Hopefully, these changes will correct the issue. I appreciate your time and effort in providing assistance in this matter. I will report back to this thread regarding the performance and outcome of the fix.

Thank you again!


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Good day, Sam:
I’m beginning day eight since implementing the actions prescribed in the link you provided on 28 Aug. Thus far, no more stop errors (BSOD) from Windows 10. Thank you for your assistance. I’ll report back if the dreaded condition returns.

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