Word count by chapter

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Is it possible to do word count by chapter, without highlighting the whole damned block of text? :smiley:

Cheers, great product.

Yes, as of Papyrus Author 10.05 update you can view document statistics, including word counts, per chapter!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click ‘Navigator Display’ on the footer of your Navigator
  2. Select ‘Statistics’

Navigator Statistics

You can select what statistics to show in the Navigator by selecting ‘Navigator Options…’

Navigator Options

Statistics in the navigator

Have fun writing with Papyrus Author! :slight_smile:


Oh. That’s good to know.
I also recommend the organizer. You’ll find it under the author tab.

It gives an overview of word count per chapter and also the characters etc. mentioned.
Awesome feature, especially when you’re looking for a special scene. It’s basically like a notebook or a diary that’s keeping tabs with your word count, your character mentions, the scenes, events, etc.

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I’ve only got the free version, for now. Some of the paid features look amazing

Thanks Sam