Working on Multiple Computers

I have a question about the paid version of Papyrus.
I´m a writer and work from my office at home most of the time on my new monster PC that i bought for 6 months ago to replace my old iMac from 2012 so the version i am using right now is of course the PC version.
But as i travel at least 2 times a year and am away normally 4 - 6 weeks eatch time i bring my laptop with me that is Macbook Pro to write on.
Question is when i buy a subsciption to get the Pro version is it locked to my main computer that in this case is the PC in my office?
Or can i have it on my Macbook too as long as it doesnt run on 2 systems at the same time?


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Hi Patrick, working on multiple computers is pretty straight forward, with a few things to consider:

You can install Papyrus Author on a second computer, and use it with the same user account.

The installer can be found in your Account Page, and here’s instructions on installing for macOS.

Normally Papyrus Author saves your work locally on the computer, but since you’ll be working with another computer, I can recommend setting up a cloud storage, and saving your work in there.

With cloud set up, you can simply write on your PC, save the document in the cloud, and then access the same file on your macbook by connecting the same cloud storage to it.

Here’s a tutorial on the Cloud: Backups: Saving with Incremental & Automatic Backups

Further reading on Cloud: Using Cloud

Let me know if you have any questions! :slight_smile:


Thank you for clarifying this to me.
Then i know there will be no problems installing it on my laptop when travelling.