Writing advice needed

Where do you go if you have possibly good idea for a book? needing someone who is a writer to help with a book , where do you turn?

You just sit down and write it. If you want to employ a ghost-writer, you’d better have plenty of money to pay them.

Ideas are two-a-penny. The actual work is the writing.

If you’ve never written before, learn some basic craft, try out a few methods and see what works for you.

According to most authors, the first million words you write are crap anyway.

Read a lot, write a lot.


There are many great resources out there to help you learn to write. Websites. Books. Groups. I’m particularly fond of books for this. There’s a great series called “Write Great Fiction” that I found very helpful in sharpening my skills. Each book covers one aspect of writing. I have two of them on my desk right now as I’m revising my latest book.

And as rabin_purple said, “Read a lot, write a lot.” Read several books in the genre that you’re interested in to get an idea of how those books go. Or just write it. If you grew up reading and reading and reading, you may already know how a book is supposed to flow. I wrote my first book without any “training” and it went great. But now I spend the time reading about how to become a better writer.

Just remember, most first drafts suck. Write it anyway. You can’t fix or edit what isn’t written.

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If you’d like to hire a writer, try LinkdIn or a local university.