Writing Blogs

Do you know of anyone that uses Papyrus Author for writing blogs?

I do. I have to create a blog for my college work, and I write the entries first in Papyrus, then export as HTML and copy into Wordpress.

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Do you actually export to an HTML file or just use »Edit > Special > Copy for Web« and then paste into Wordpress?

Personally, I save as an HTML file and then copy everything between the body tags into Wordpress. The only downside of that is that you get horizontal lines between each page, which sometimes can be useful but otherwise I have to delete them manually (look for the hr tags) I’ve tried the other method but for me it didn’t achieve the result that I wanted.

I use patchwork, because it has an export directly into wordpress. (i like to use those function in papyrus)

thanks for that advice I will try it.

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