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I am at my wit’s end. I wanted to change the backup folder I keep my project in. I did everything right - used save as, changed the path, made sure it was changed in the preferences. Everything was great for a couple of weeks - then it refused to save claiming it could not find the file - the folder it was trying to find it in WAS THE OLD PATH! THE ONE I CHANGED IT FROM. Somehow it defaulted to the old folder. I have tried making a new project with the new folder - works for a few days before defaulting. I have a feeling it has something to do with dropbox, but it should allow me to put it into a different folder and it just won’t. Is there any way that I can reset my Papyrus program to new so it doesn’t look for old paths?

I replied to you regarding this problem in the other thread Backup problem as well, where we might find a solution without resetting Papyrus Author’s preferences. :slight_smile:

But yes, it is possible to reset all preferences to default. Papyrus Author stores all these settings, such as backup paths, Pinboard backgrounds, toolbar customization etc. in a preferences file called “Papyrus.ini”.

You can reset Papyrus Author’s preferences by following these steps:

Note: these steps will remove all customization you have added to Papyrus Author, such as Pinboard Backgrounds, and your previous work may not be visible in the “Recent Documents” list in Papyrus Author’s start menu.

  1. Navigate ‘File’ → ‘Open Other…’, and select ‘Show folder of Papyrus’ preferences’. This will open a folder in your file explorer.
  2. Save all your work, and close Papyrus Author.
  3. Delete the preferences file named “papyrus.ini” from the folder opened in step 1.
  4. Restart Papyrus Author.

When Papyrus Author launches, it will create a new preferences file for your computer.

Thank you - I have, it would seem, a few tables including one for horses’ names and towns, and they are all in different folders, so when I try to link to any of those databases the whole thing goes haywire. But I’m under a deadline so I need to just hang fire, leave everything where it is and not upset the apple cart until I meet the deadline - then I can fiddle.
Thank you so much for your help - You must be rolling your eyes big time.

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