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Hi guys how about having a call out for links to books written with papyrus - you could highlight them, authors get promotion and you will too

Here is mine:


Congratulations on your new book, looks wonderful!

Love the idea with promoting books written with Papyrus - and we’re already working on something. :blush:

Records of the Medical Societies of Belfast 1822-1884. (24.7 MB) (19.2 MB)

I could not have completed them without Papyrus which I have been using for 20+ years. Many thanks to the team.


Wow, what a huge work. Congrats on completing it.

One question: Is there a reason why the PDFs do not have a clickable table of contents? Neither on the TOC pages nor in the PDF viewer’s sidebar.

I didn’t know how to do that, or, more correctly, I didn’t know it could be done, and I just created the table of contents by hand. I have seen sidebars in documents but know nothing about them.

Here’s my latest book finished using Papyrus. I think it’s my fifth using this great piece of software. :grinning:


Congratulations! I was just reviewing the tutorials and here you are! Thank you for taking the time from your writing to complete the tutorials.

Again, congratulations on your book.


Thanks, Drjacks1922 :slight_smile:

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OK… this is mine;