Bug in 11.05A when scrolling

Operating System WIN64

Papyrus Author Version 11.05a
When top and bottom margin are not displayed, scrolling across pages most often inserts a gray bar that covers the last line of the page. Scrolling past this in the other direction clears it and all you see is a page separator line, not a one line high bar. This bar hides the last line on the page.
To reproduce:

  • create several pages of text in a chapter. At least 3000 words.
  • go to the end of a chapter and scroll up using mouse wheel.
  • On the second page from the bottom, and pages above, observe the gray bar.
  • scroll up several more pages and observe that the bar appears at every page break but gets thinner with each page. After several pages, the bar may become zero height.
  • scroll down and the bar will go away,
  • observe that the cursor cannot be placed in the last line of pages that had a gray bar whether the gray bar is visible to not.
  • the bar often starts on the second page from the bottom and the fourth page from the beginning of each chapter.
    The inability to place a cursor is especially bad.

Thanks for everything.

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Thank you for reporting this! This behavior is connected to the ‘view top and bottom margin’ setting, as well as the other bug you reported in the topic Bug in 2022 placing cursor on last line of page. I have reported them both to the Development team. :slight_smile:

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