Digging in the Int'l, thesaurus, spelling stuff

I am trying to understand how “deep” is the usage of all those foreign languages tools I found int he various Papyrus folders.
In my language, italian, there is little or no support of all those fancy writing aida (spelling checker, style check, thesaurus…) but I see that the stuff is there!
Is it something that isn’t actually implemented, maybe?

Hello, welcome to the Community! :slight_smile:

The spelling and grammar routines are currently only available in English. There are some settings within Papyrus Author relating to use of other languages, e.g. you can mark your text as a different language, but this does not change the spelling and grammar check.

We are considering adding support for other languages in the future. :slight_smile:

There is a topic that goes further into these settings here: Default language other tha English does not work

Hi, Sam and thank you for your reply.
Let me add something to my short post.
I am a Papyrus user since, well, always. Just think that I bought the Atari ST version (can’t remember the version number right now, but it should be 1.0 or something and I kept updating it).
At that time, there was the italian support because you used another spelling engine. Unfortunately, at some point you switched to another engine that still doensn’t support Italian (I am on a Mac and on Windows now, but I still have and use my Atari version).
What I did is taking a huge list on italian words from a couple of free dicts, add sometimes other words I use, add them all to ITA_add dictionary, so I have a somehow working dictionary. Of couse, it can’t check things like plurals or conjugations, but it works.
Still, I’d really like to see a full-blown grammar/spelling/thesaurus system in Italian, you’ll never know…