Earlier version papyrus?

hello I was using the free version of papyrus on Mac OS Mojava and the latest update i have downloaded will not open…PapyrusAuthor1109e.dmg - it isn’t compatible…can i get an earlier .dmg version and revert to the old version…even if only temporarily so i can open my .pap file and transfer the data…any ideas? Many thanks i advance.

Hi, sorry you ran into this!

Because of how Apple stops support for older macOS versions, Papyrus Author doesn’t run on the older ones like Mojave. Here’s a bit more on this topic: 10.08a Incompatible with macOS Sierra (10.12.6)

:bulb: if you’ve got another computer (macOS or Windows), you can move the Papyrus Author file over to it and go from there. Here’s a quick video on moving from Papyrus Author to Word: Word Documents II: Exporting Papyrus Documents to Word

I’ve also reached out to with a private message to make sure you’ll get to continue your work– we’ll figure it out! :wrench: :construction_worker_man:

Do you have a TimeMachine backup from which you could restore the old version?

Hello Sam, thanks you for getting back to me. I understand your issues as regards Apple etc, and that’s fair enough. I was a bit rattled because I couldn’t see nay way of accessing my project, which is over 800 pages! I was on a roll and writing every day and was just desperate to keep that going. Anyhow, I found a complete work around by finding a very very old version of Papyrus author from 2007 would you believe which allowed me to open the .pap file and then i copied and pasted all the text into another application and continued to write. I miss the Papyrus author platform though, really enjoyed using it and will do in the future when i get a new machine! Many thanks once again.

Good call mate, I sorted it out in the end. Luckily, because I don’t have a a TimeMachine back up in place…I think i might start using that method of backing up my machine…Thanks for responding.

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