Feature Request: graphics for chapter/scene breaks

Many modern books, especially in fiction, have fancy chapter breaks nowadays. And little creative icons for scene breaks. While it is possible to do something like that with Papyrus Author manually, by just adding the image for every chapter (or scene break), it would be really nice, if you could just specify the image in the Chapter Header style. (Maybe that is even possible and I just haven’t found it? … There is that little section where you can specify what you want your chapter number to look like, maybe it could go in there somehow?).

Similarly, it would be fantastic, if you could automatically assign a different master page for the start of a new chapter, since it is common to not have a page header on a page that starts a new chapter. The way it works at the moment, you have to completely format your manuscript and basically as a last step assign the master pages by page number for every page with a new chapter. But that becomes a desaster if you need to add or delete some text to one of the chapters later. So it would be nice if the master page stuck to the actual chapter break instead of to a certain page number.

Alternatively, having a faster way to assign master pages (for example through the context menu when you are on the page) would help as well. At the moment, the process is a bit of a pain in the butt.

First: huge congratulations on the second book of your series! :grin:

Did you bring your Character Sheets over from the first part, as well as the formatting and styles?

Do you need multiple different breaks in your book, or just one for Scene breaks, and one for Chapters?

If the Scene/Chapter breaks look the same throughout the book, you can make a Macro for them - it’s like a personalized shortcut you can edit and add to your text easily.

Here’s a topic on how to create one:


Let me know if it’s helpful!

I’ll check out how we could do this! A quick way to assign specific Master Pages in situations like this, either automatically because of a heading on the page, or manually with just a click or two would be a great update - especially if your workflow is that you add Master Pages as you go. :computer:

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Thanks, Sam. In my case, all scene breaks are the same (so are all chapter breaks). The macro seems like a good solution. I’ll try that for the next book.

And yes, I imported the character database as well and it worked like a charm.

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