How to remove a random blank page after chapter?

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Hi. I’ve been copying and pasting my chapter text into the chapters from Microsoft Word. One of my headaches is that after a dialogue concludes a chapter, near the top of the page, there is another entire empty page before the following chapter. The random blank page only happens once in the book, and there is no invisible type after the dialogue indicating a page break. If I try to delete the extra page, it brings the following chapter into the chapter I concluded, putting the chapter title onto the line where I’d concluded the text. If I delete the following chapter, and insert it anew, and copy it in from word again, I now have two blank pages between those chapters.


Also, does anybody know how I can change the settings so Papyrus doesn’t insert a tab before each new paragraph? That’s an issue throughout all of my documents.

Thank you for any assistance!

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Welcome to the Community!

Depending on your project settings, inserting a new chapter heading does leave an empty page in between the chapters. This is normal for paperback projects, as starting a chapter on an odd page is a common industry standard. Here is a topic with steps on how to change the settings: Document adding a black page every time I put in a heading

This setting can be changed from the “Advanced Paragraph Formatting” options. Here is a topic on indentations, with instructions on how to change them: Problem with Paragraphs when exporting to e-book

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Thank you! I’m just making an ebook for my beta readers but I’ll see if I can tweak those settings.

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