Installed to d: - getting error with Characters db

I’ve fresh installed my Author Pro to main workstation on d: like my other apps but when I try and create a Character I get a message -
Database “C:\Users\user\Documents\Papyrus Author Documents\Plantation Earth\My Characters\My Characters.pb” not found.
I created this project on my laptop and saved it to a network drive … so its pulling up paths from the laptop install …

Please advise if there is an ini file or Paths etc needing editing etc

Papyrus Author+ version 11.06b Win64 v 10 dated 2022-9-9
Many thanks

Welcome to the Community! :partying_face:

You can check, and readjust the path to My Characters by following these steps:

  1. Open the writing project.
  2. Navigate ‘Author’ → ‘My Project…’ → ‘Path to My Characters’.
  3. Click ‘Select…’ and navigate to the writing project folder in your network drive, and select the ‘My Characters.db’ databse file by double-clicking it.

That should do the trick, and the Character Sheets should work. :slight_smile:

If you’re working on multiple computers, here’s a topic on it - hope you find it helpful: Working on Multiple Computers

Let me know how it goes, and have fun writing with Papyrus Author!

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Sam thank you so much for responding, I’d discovered the various threads etc and eventually opted to install to dropbox which looks to be working now. Any issues or oddities, I will let you know. Have a great day.

By the way, loving this app!

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