Names in character database with titles?

Operating System Windows 11

Papyrus Author Version 10.08b

I want a character with a title. Something simple like “Mr. Brown”. I would really like this to be an alternate name. Main name, Eddie and alternate names “Eddie Brown and Mr. Brown”.
But that doesn’t work. The “.” in the Mr. keeps the name from linking.
Is there a workaround?

At the moment, Papyrus Author does not support special characters, such as periods, in characters’ names.

If the surname Brown is unique in your project, you can use it in the ‘Additional Names and Unique Descriptions’ field to identify your character. You can add multiple names and additional names to your characters by separating them with a comma (eg. Eddie Brown, Brown)

Allowing periods for titles, such as Mrs. or Mr., would be a great improvement for the Character Database name field, and I will bring it up with the Development team. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can read more about The Character database in the wiki: My Characters

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Thank you so much.