Trim marks for printing Press

How do I include trim marks in my book’s PDF file for printing on a press and where do I find that feature? I’m trying to print a 5X8.

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Papyrus Author doesn’t have a dedicated feature for setting up trim marks on the page. Let’s see if we can find a workaround!

In this previous topic, the workaround was setting up a page border: Page border or crop marks

Could this work for you as well?

By the way, have you already seen the book template for a 5x8 project with added bleeds for print? You can find it by going “File” → “New Project”, and selecting “5x8 (+bleed)”.

Let me know how it goes!

Here’s a sample document in A4 format with 3 mm bleed with crop marks on it.

Crop Marks.pap (4.2 KB)
Crop Marks.pdf (18.3 KB)


You’re the best, @glucose!

I love this template – it’s so good! :heart_eyes:

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I’m sorry to barge into this discussion, but I am confused. To date I thought the Paperback format (in my case Paperback US Trade 6x9) is the one to use for self-publishing. Was I mistaken?

No problem! The more, the merrier! :partying_face:

I’d say in most cases it is!

You may need to add bleed (usually 0.125 inches), if your book has pictures that touch the edges of the page. Here’s for example KDP’s guide on it.

In most cases, you don’t need to have crop marks or bleed set up, but I figured it’s good to mention here just in case. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your explanation and the link!

Finally, I understand the concept. Guess, I’ve been doing it right by dumb luck as I don’t use full width images :sweat_smile:

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