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:leaves: A windfall of creativity
68 brand new beginnings, unlimited possibilities.

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RTGraver “The elevator beeped …” 16 :heart:

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The elevator beeped as I pushed the button for the sixth floor, but after ten floors passed, I knew I wasn’t going up.

The most popular entry of the first week of Turning Tales leaves us with a sinking feeling. Something is wrong, and downwards has always been a suspicious direction. @RTGraver takes a mundane situation and, with minimal means, makes it terrifying.

I noticed the barrel of the gun when I bent over to tie my shoe.

This entry by @rongeigle ticks all the boxes: There is a sudden change, and there’s an incomplete puzzle. Who is threatening the protagonist from that unusual angle? Depending on genre, it could be an old partner in crime, crouching behind a car. Or a garden gnome, for all we know.

I told him my body count was sixteen, he told me his was 45, I had a feeling we weren’t talking about the same type of body count.

Sometimes the only change needed to catch our attention is a change of perspective. The third runner-up is irresistible. Right on, @tavvern!

Creating the perfect first sentence is notoriously hard, but you made it look easy. Congratulations, and keep on writing!

A full year of Papyrus Author+ goes to @RTGraver. On top of that, one participant was chosen by luck of the draw to receive another full year of Papyrus Author+: @Chillwithalyssa!

The fourth week of Turning Tales is already going strong. Join in! We’re excited to see what your characters have to say.