Celebrating the Best Contributions of Week #4

The results are in!

:leaves: A windfall of creativity
Together, we wrote more than 300 lines of dialogue. If they were spoken aloud, it would take about an hour!

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35 126 443

And the winner is:

Contributor Submission Votes
jer.bird “Love is…” 10 :open_book:

More reader's favorites:

Contributor Submission Votes
RTGraver " Oujia" 9 :book:
orangeaya “The Brat and I” 7 :book:

Luck was with:

Contributor Submission Votes
londongreen “Good Evening, Jack boy” 2 :open_book:

“I need to talk privately, dear.” She took my hand and led me into the vestry. “I was talking to your husband the other day, and I asked how he managed while you were on night duty so much.” She hesitated. “He said he got the live-in lover to come round.”

We’re sure she means well, the dapper little church warden, chosen speaker of a community of minders of other people’s business. @Jer’s piece allows you to imagine a comedy of manners in which an off-the-cuff remark leads to an unstoppable rumor.

Congratulations, @Jer – one full year of Papyrus Author+ for best entry goes to you!

We took a crack at visualizing the situation - how close do you think we got?

“There’s an old Oujia board up in the attic, can we get it down and play?” Jack asked.

No, Jack. Go to bed. If we can learn one thing from scary stories, it is the importance of leaving the ouija board exactly where it is. The second-most popular entry crawls up on you like a dark premonition, with an insidious little twist at the end: @RTGraver at his finest.

The third runner-up, @orangeaya’s “The Brat and I”, is a cozy dialogue between a mom and her quick-witted daughter that contains all the joy and heart-ache of seeing your kids grow up and become more and more independent in one cute package.

Amazing work. Keep on writing!

One full year of Papyrus Author+ goes to @Jer. On top of that, one participant was chosen by luck of the draw to receive another full year of Papyrus Author+:@londongreen!

In the sixth week of Turning Tales, we manipulate time itself! :tornado: :hourglass_flowing_sand:

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You were absolutely right. A village in Cornwall, where everyone knows everyone else and is always happy to help. A midwife, on night duty, often home late, just as her husband left for work. The dapper little churchwarden who was the village gossip, but with a heart of gold, smug that she had a bit of juicy gossip this time and slightly hoping that the notion of a live in lover was true. Courage and the integrity to tell the wife was part of her character, but the guilty pleasure of telling tales was irresistible.
I like the image, it is perfect.

Thank you very much. I am thrilled to bits to have won this week.


I’m thrilled to bits that you like the visualization! I always enjoy the background stories of your stories.

well deserved